Opinion: New York must say no to social media surveillance

With just three words – “Accept friend request” – covert cops can surveil your most private and unfiltered communications, putting youth of color at risk.

2023 session wrap-up

40 government reform groups decry proposed tweaks to NY campaign finance law

In a letter to legislative leaders, the watchdogs said the changes undermine the much celebrated campaign finance reforms passed in 2019.


Cuomo lawyers argue ethics commission is unconstitutional

The former governor used to control the state's old ethics commission. Now he's trying to kill the new one.


4 things to know about Breon Peace, the prosecutor charging Rep. George Santos

The U.S. attorney for the eastern district of New York is in the spotlight with this high-profile fraud case.

Heard Around Town

Eric Adams is skipping the Met Gala, but other pols are going.

It’s the first year after AOC and Carolyn Maloney’s ethics investigations tied to the gala were revealed.


Cuomo, who specialized in controlling ethics commissions, sues existing ethics commission for being too independent of the governor

The former governor filed a lawsuit against the new Commission on Ethics and Lobbying to challenge its ‘constitutional authority’ over a probe into his pandemic book deal.

New York State

New York’s new ethics agency is still taking shape

The Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government will be tasked with policing public officials. But lawmakers are still the ones appointing them.


What about those JCOPE reforms?

After the governor promised bold reform of the state’s ethics watchdog in the budget, the proposal may have sputtered.


A new ethical zeitgeist hits Albany

Even JCOPE is doing something about holding public officials accountable.

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New York City Council

Andy King likely to be kicked out of NY City Council

The Committee on Standards and Ethics unanimously recommend expulsion for multiple charges of misconduct.

New York City

Roger Stone’s New York intrigues

Roger Stone - the ‘malevolent Forrest Gump’ - has never strayed far from his home state.


Will lawmakers cede control in order to clean up Albany?

Reformers want the judiciary to make more appointments on a proposed state ethics commission.


What to know about the Sheldon Silver ruling

Why part of the former Assembly speaker’s corruption conviction was overturned Tuesday.


Is it time to replace JCOPE?

A constitutional amendment could reduce Cuomo’s influence on ethics enforcement.


Legislature should reject high campaign contribution limits

If the Public Campaign Finance Commission doesn’t lower its preliminary new donation cap, public financing will be undermined.

New York State

JCOPE’s strange priorities

The state ethics watchdog slept on a lot of major corruption scandals, but it’s chasing a private citizen for buying a billboard.