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Why Staten Island's secession fever won't break anytime soon

Calls to leave New York City have intensified with the migrant crisis, but they are not new. Residents have wanted out since at least 1946.


City Council hearing features fiery discussion of migrant shelters

A lack of fire alarms and fire suppression systems has prevented some shelters from housing asylum-seekers, frustrating City Hall and council members.


NYC shelter limits could complicate asylum application process

New York City Council members raised concerns that shelter stay limits will make it more difficult for asylum-seekers to receive crucial notices from the federal government.

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Eric Adams defends trip south of the border

The New York City mayor pushed back on critics, saying that his four-day visit to Latin America accomplished exactly what he intended.

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Despite New York City’s ‘sanctuary city” status, Eric Adams hints at cooperation with immigration officials

The mayor said he would honor the laws on the books, but there remain other legal ways to collaborate with ICE agents


Council speaker: City is ‘running out of room’ for migrants

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams told reporters the city should be honest with asylum-seekers about the difficulty of finding shelter.


Speaker Adams opposes proposed changes to right to shelter

Mayor Eric Adams wants the courts to release the city from an obligation to house everyone who needs shelter, but the City Council does not.


Adams’ proposed changes to right to shelter would not be limited to migrant crisis

The city wants the court to relieve it of the right to shelter mandate whenever the homeless population spikes amid a state of emergency.

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Ahead of Latin America trip, Eric Adams drives home calls for help in migrant crisis

The New York City mayor is heading to Latin America to meet with local leaders about the asylum-seeker crisis and observe what’s happening on the ground.


Opinion: How immigrants sparked an upstate resurgence

Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and other cities have come roaring back – and none of this would have been possible without new immigrants arriving in our communities.

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Ready to hire: Hochul announces 18,000 potential job openings for migrants in New York

Hospitality and food service companies were the biggest group of employers to enroll in the state program.

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Don’t let migrant protests taint New York’s reputation

The violence that erupted at a Staten Island rally against asylum-seekers moving into a local shelter was a warning.


Commentary: Migrants are breaking Democratic Party unity

Politicians are passing the buck on New York City’s influx of asylum-seekers, which is harming the outlook for Democrats in 2023 and 2024.


Which counties are closing their doors to asylum-seekers?

More than 30 counties around the state have taken steps to block New York City from sending migrants to local hotels and shelters.


After meeting with Biden, Hochul touts TPS as a win

The governor initially distanced herself from the issue of asylum-seekers in New York City, but she’s taking credit for getting the feds to act.


Hochul doesn’t talk state work permits with Biden

But state Senate lawyers are currently analyzing new legislation that would supersede the federal government

New York City

Republicans parrot Eric Adams at Homeland Security Committee hearing on migrants

The GOP used Adams’ comments that the issue would “destroy the city,” to argue the border should be closed. Adams hasn’t called for closing the border.