Opinion: Why you need to calm yourself over the FBI investigation into Eric Adams’ campaign fundraising

Context provides a sobering look at a probe that ultimately may not impact the New York City mayor.

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: I was left off the Gen X list

City & State somehow missed including its editor-in-chief from its newest, and possibly coolest recognition.

Criminal Justice

Opinion: It’s time to reinvest the savings from the Less is More Act

Five communities impacted by New York’s historic parole rules said investments in housing and mental health treatment services should be a priority.


Opinion: A new congressional map in New York for 2024? A big ‘if’ and ‘when’

The state’s highest court heard arguments this week in a case that will determine whether the Independent Redistricting Commission can produce a new map of congressional districts.


Opinion: Permanent housing for asylum seekers isn’t just fiscally responsible – it’s our moral obligation

New York City could save a whopping $3 billion dollars a year by opening up eligibility to housing vouchers for asylum-seekers.


Opinion: New York needs better regulation of commercial surrogacy and sperm and egg donations

The growing assisted reproductive technology industry raises profound questions about ethics, informed consent and medical privacy. My new bill would address these issues.

Eric Adams

Opinion: The mayoral primary challenge we need

It’s not about finding a leftist challenger to Eric Adams. It’s about finding a competent one.

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Editor’s note: Eric Adams ditching Somos is his loss

Besides partying, the whole point of the conference is to support the relationship between the island territory and New York.


Opinion: Tomorrow is election day in New York City – but it shouldn’t be

Moving local elections to even-numbered years to coincide with state and federal races would dramatically increase voter turnout.


Opinion: The PLAN Act promotes fairness for formerly incarcerated people

The proposed legislation would bring greater transparency to the state licensing process, which is currently discouraging would-be nurses and social workers from entering their fields due to barriers relating to conviction history.

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Editor’s Note: I confess I too forgot Staten Island

I visited the borough as a teen and didn't return for years until I needed it as a place to live.

Energy & Environment

Opinion: New York must require companies to disclose greenhouse gas emissions

California just passed the most sweeping environmental accountability bill to date. New York should be next.


Commentary: Hakeem Jeffries’ socialist problem

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries can’t defeat the Democratic Socialists of America, and they can’t defeat him, leading to an uncomfortable stasis.


Opinion: Out from under a rock

The Adams administration has repeatedly delayed notifying the public of potential hazards.


Opinion: How immigrants sparked an upstate resurgence

Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and other cities have come roaring back – and none of this would have been possible without new immigrants arriving in our communities.


Opinion: Closing the broadband adoption gap in New York

More than 97% of households in the state now have access to broadband, but many still can’t afford it.