Health Care

Health Care

City & State event focuses on transparency to combat predatory hospital pricing

Lawmakers and industry professionals gathered at the 32BJ Health Fund’s headquarters in Manhattan for discussions on how to bring costs down for hospitalized New Yorkers.

Health Care

Filling in the gaps left by federal child care funding running out

State Sen. Jabari Brisport has reupped his Universal Child Care Act for next year.

Interviews & Profiles

Q&A: Ron Kim’s latest update on nursing home deaths investigation

The Aging Committee chair talked about cooperating with the feds and the next steps for the 2024 legislative session.

Campaigns & Elections

New policy group spends big on D’Esposito attack ads

Formed in February, Empire State Voices has targeted several New York Republicans in swing districts – and it’s not clear who’s funding them.


DOC stopped providing tampons to detainees – despite 2016 law mandating it

The Department of Correction has a problem with menstruation, amid fears that tampons will be used to smoke drugs and menstrual cups will be used for “splashings.”

Albany Agenda

Brouk rolls out doula care proposals

A new report from the state senator recommends how best to support the nonclinical professionals who have been key to improving childbirth outcomes, especially for women of color.

Health Care

After Damian Williams’ striking comments on supervised injection sites, New York leaders are quiet

The U.S. attorney said his office is prepared to take action as the sites are in violation of state and federal law, but he declined to elaborate further.

Health Care

New York City retirees score major victory in Medicare Advantage fight

A judge blocked a planned switch of their health benefits after months of acrimony.


Is New York ready to legalize supervised injection sites?

Two sites in New York have saved hundreds of lives, but stigma and lack of buy-in from the governor might prevent expansion.

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NY swing district Republicans are less neutral on abortion than they promised

On the campaign trail, they said abortion should be a states’ issue. In office, some New York GOP reps have changed their tune.

Health Care

‘We simply want our health care.’ Retirees rally at City Hall for Medicare Advantage bill

Fresh off a recent legal victory, retirees are pushing the City Council to buck the mayor and union leaders.


What you need to know about NYC retirees’ health care fight

A Manhattan judge temporarily blocked the city’s long pursued and controversial plan to switch city retirees to a privatized Medicare Advantage plan.

Health Care

Lawmakers introduce latest version of single-payer health care bill

The bill’s sponsors have tweaked the 30-year-old legislation in a bid to attract support from public sector unions who currently oppose it.


Hochul marks one-year anniversary of Dobbs by signing law for telehealth abortions across state lines

The governor signed a bill that will protect New York health care providers administering abortion medication to patients living in other states – insisting New York is on solid legal footing to do so.


Coverage for All hangs in the balance as Assembly returns to Albany

Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas said she worked with the governor to amend the bill but now Hochul is “moving the goalpost.”


NYC health commissioner: 'COVID-19 is here to stay'

New York City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan asked for help in informing New Yorkers about existing tools to fight COVID-19, as some free ones vanish.